Jacque Leigh® Event Specialists (JLES)

We make it Happen!

About Us

We've loved every minute of our journey!

Our History

Since 2013 Jacque Leigh ® Event Specialists (JLES) has been dedicated to producing events and catering that amaze and inspire.
Throughout our journey to date, our passion for the art of bringing magical events to life has led us to countless places across Australia.
We have cherished every moment while building strong client relationships, strengthening our team and expanding our horizons

Our Commitment

Jacque Leigh ® Event Specialists (JLES)  strive to demonstrate diversity and variety through innovative, creative, traditional and quality products and services. We are committed to providing our highly valued clients with the highest degree of satisfaction.

Our Mission

JLES are inspired by the world, a living work of art, and the 7 billion people who make this world unique!

JLES  see every event like an art piece, and with the right tools used in the right way, it can be turned into a masterpiece!

Our mission is to reveal that masterpiece!